Cold Email Outreach Doesn't Have To Be A Hassle

Cold emails work, but it's time consuming and hassle to send them manually, With DirectContact, You can automate the entire process of sending cold emails.

Make sure people actually read your emails

DirectContact is systematically designed to bring results.

Use Any SMTP

You can connect any SMTP, or gSuite, Gmail, IMAP or any email outbound service. This gives you more flexibility!

Create Your List

Segment your audience into various list so you can create customized campaigns for each of them to get maximum responses!

"Magic Forms"

Collect leads and automatically insert them into your "List" and assign them to a campaign. This is going to AUTOMATE your ENTIRE cold emailing process! Many of our customers setup the automation and never login for YEARS because it's always working and bringing you results!

More Features

🚀 Automate follow-ups

Follow up is the NAME of the GAME.   Our platform can automatically do a follow up to your prospects to get their attention!

⏰ Frequency Of Email

Pick the ideal delay between every email in your sequence. System will send out emails everyday according to your requirements.

🏷 Custom Tags

A complete email personalization software that helps you stand out in any inbox and make sure each email is UNIQUE,  which helps you land on Inbox!

📧 Multiple SMTP

We are not like those other companies! You can add as many SMTP or Gmails as you want and use different SMTP per campaign. 

📋 Leads/List

Create multiple email lists and store all your leads in one place.   This will allow you to create campaigns & .segments

⬆️ Upload List

Upload your own list with a click of a button and start outreaching to your leads.

✔️ Lead Management

Activate and Inactive your leads to your list. Subscribe and unsubscribe emails from your list.

⬇️ Download List

Download your list into a CSV file and take it on the go.   You OWN YOUR data!

✉️ Campaigns

Create email campaigns to outreach your leads.   You can have multiple campaigns running at the same time.

📈 Analytics

Get stats on your campaigns like who opened it, who clicked, etc.

📅 Schedule

Deliver your email sequence at the right time across any time zone. Analyze how different schedules perform and save the best ones for your future campaigns.

🔨 Advance Editor

You have a Choice of normal Text email or Drag and drop and create your perfect email.

💻 Capture Forms

Our “Magic Forms” Lets You Collect Leads/Prospects While You Are Asleep and put them in a campaign.

🔗 Automatic Prospecting

Connect your list and campaign to your form and automatically start sending your new captured leads emails

Ready To Automate Cold Calling?