49 Proven Cold Email Subject Lines That Work!

You might have the best product since the “slice of bread” but if no one knows about it, it’s useless!

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your products but as email service providers get smarter every day, we not only have to make sure our emails are deliverable, but they also need to have a good catchy subject line so that our reader actually opens it.

Your email is competing for attention among hundreds of other emails that your recipient is receiving, so you need to make sure that your cold email subject line game is good!

What Makes People Open Email?

Most people make the mistake of revealing everything that’s inside the email on their subject line. While there are exceptions, let’s say a Promotional deal that your subscribers are expecting, if you want people to open their email, you have to make them curious. They need to feel the urge to click that email and fulfill that urge.

Your “FROM Name Matters

A lot of people think that the “From Name” is not that important but it’s equally as important as your subject line because from name is the first thing people notice. We recommend not using your company name but rather a persona from your company. For example, Bob From XYZ.com, Bill From StateFarm. People are more likely to open your email if you do this.

Should You Use Emoji On Subject Line?

This is a tricky question because most of the time If the email goes thru properly, there will be a boost because your email will get the attention but we have also seen people’s emails ending up in spam because of this. Our advice is to use it occasionally!

49 Proven Email Subject Lines For Cold Email

  1. RE: About your Business
  2. Can’t sleep because of [X]
  3. Does this work?
  4. Promotion Inside
  5. Open Only if you want to be surprised
  6. Only genius open this email
  7. From the desk of the CEO
  8. A new way to increase productivity
  9. The importance of [X]
  10. Request for feedback
  11. Can we schedule a meeting?
  12. Quick question about your project
  13. Meeting today at [X] AM/PM
  14. Follow up from yesterday’s [x] Meeting/Call/Email
  15. Are you still a [X] ( Realtor, CPA, Licenced MD)
  16. Thanks for [Action You Took]
  17. Follow Up: Meeting with [Your Name]
  18. Regarding Our Recent Conversation
  19. Quick Question About [Topic of Email]
  20. Follow Up: [Subject of Original Email]
  21. Thanks for [Action You Took]
  22. Check-In: [Topic of Email]
  23. You’ve been invited to join our VIP list
  24. New product release: {name}
  25. Your account has been updated
  26. Did you see the new article?
  27. You won’t believe what happened today!
  28. The latest from your favorite blog
  29. “Get 50% off your next purchase!”
  30. “New arrivals – don’t miss out!”
  31. “We’re having a sale!”
  32. Introducing our new product line!
  33. Customer satisfaction survey – your feedback is important to us!
  34. You’re invited to our VIP customer appreciation event!
  35. I have an idea for the project
  36. Can we meet to discuss the project?
  37. I need your help with the project
  38. Are you available to meet?
  39. Important meeting tomorrow at 10am
  40. [Sale] ends soon!
  41. Flash sale: [Product]
  42. New arrivals from [Brand]
  43. [Product] is back in stock!
  44. New blog post: [insert blog post title]
  45. You’ve been invited to join [insert group or community name]
  46. [insert friend’s name] wants me to contact you
  47. [insert company name] has a new product out!
  48. Get a head start on your holiday shopping!
  49. Do you ever get that not-so-fresh feeling?”

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