Our "Magic Forms" Lets You Collect Leads/Prospects While You Are Asleep.

Capture leads with beautiful ready-to-go form builder.

"Magic Form Builder"

Build amazing forms with a click of a button

Works On All Devices

Our From Works On All Devices

Automatic Prospecting

Connect your list and campaign to your form and automatically start sending your new captured leads emails

Captured Leads

Access just the leads that were captured by your form

Add Your Form Anywhere

Send people to your form via URL or add form on your blogs or websites

All Magic From Features

β›“ Personal URL

Get a personal sharable URL when you create a lead capturing form and use it to share anywhere you want to capture leads.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» Capture Leads

See all the leads your form was able to capture from the dashboard.

⬇️ Export Leads

Export just the leads your form has captured into a CSV file and take it on the go.

πŸ–Œ Embed Forms

Copy and paste your form code into your website, blogs, etc. and use it to capture leads.

♾️ Unlimited Forms

Create as many forms as you want. You can create different forms that work with the same list and campaign.

πŸ›  Fully Customizable

Create the perfect form with any type of inputs, text areas, buttons, dropdowns, and more.Β 

Direct Contact Is DREAM Come TRUE for Any Cold Emailer!