How To Write Perfect Cold Email

A good cold email can pretty much change your life around! Most people think that cold email is just to get people on meetings or sales, but being able to write to cold audiences is a skill that can help you meet new people, and get people interested in you, it can literally change your life around.

The goal of a cold email is to get them slightly interested to respond back.

However, many people do cold emailing incorrectly. In this article, we are going to show you how to write a perfect cold email.

Short & Sweet

Whenever you write an email, keep in mind that, the person receiving the email might be busy or they might have short amount of time, so it’s best to make it quick.

Whenever i see a lengthy email, especially if its from someone who i don’t know, my first reaction is to just “snooze” or even “trash” it if i smell like they want to sell me something that i don’t want.

Your emails should be short & to the point.



Whenever people send those mass cold emails, they often don’t work because it’s the same generic email that’s going to out to so many people.

So you should aim to write an email that’s Personalized to the person you are writing to, this is because people can smell it from afar if this is a canned response or was written for them.

Tips to make email personalized:

  • Write their FIRST name on the subject and intro, I avoid putting the last name.
  • Add something that has to do with their industry or about them.

Well, you could write a generic email that looks personal, but there is an art to it. To write a mass generic email that looks personal, here is what you can do.

Initially, you will have to segment them into the type of people they are, for example, their industry or their location.

Then, Make the subject line very vague.

Examples of subject lines:

RE: Your business
Did we not speak the other day?

The content of the email should be personalized: have their name but after that, you can use elements like their business name or their industry. The goal is to get them to reply back.

Example of the content:

Hey [name],

Just reaching out because,
i feel like we need to speak, but before that…

Are you still operating your Restaurant?
Are you still a realtor in [location]?

Thank you

Example of Personalised Email Template

Hello [Name],

I hope you are doing well.

I am [Your Name] and I am interested in [ Mutual Interest ].

I saw that you are [ Their Job Title ] and I thought you might be able to help me with [ Your Request ]. I can help you with [ BENEFIT]

I will be in [ Their City ] on [ Date ] and I would love to meet with you.
Would you be interested in meeting for coffee or lunch?

Thank you for your time, [ Your Name ]

Credentials or Social Proof

Since the person you are sending emails to doesn’t know you, you need to somehow prove to them that you are legit.

This is the part of the email where you need to “toot your own horn” meaning, you have to tell people why you are who you are!

This could be saying, We are mutual friends with “x” and he mentioned that we should connect. ( This works great on LinkedIn)

You can also tell people about something that you have done or something that you are working on.

Create Value

What’s in it for them? Keep in mind that everyone is looking out for themselves, so you have tell that person what’s in it for them. How is the meeting or this conversation going to be beneficial to them?

Is this going to help them make more money? Save Money? Cut back on time? Help them scale better?

There are a couple different ways to create value with cold emails:

1. Offer something for free:

This could be a free trial of your product, a free ebook, or a free consultation.

2. Highlight a recent success:

If you’ve recently achieved something noteworthy, mention it in your email. This could be a new customer win, a successful product launch, or reaching a major milestone.

3. Provide valuable content:

If you have helpful information that your recipient would find useful, share it in your email. This could be an industry report, a blog post, or a case study.

Call To Action

Every good cold email has some sort of CALL TO ACTION at the end. It’s very specific. It’s not vague. This could be a link to join the meeting or it could be a specific question that you want to be answered.

Some Examples of CTA:

  • I would love to speak to you this Thursday via zoom. Does that work?
  • Could i give you a call tomorrow at 2 PM?
  • “If you’re interested in learning more about our product, please click here.”
  • “To learn more about our product and take advantage of our special offer, click here now!”
  • “Click here to learn more about our product and take advantage of our special offer!”

Cold Email Examples

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